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Check out our most innovative LUXURY AESTHE MODELING MASK from South Korea, 4 kinds for different skin concerns!


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As early as 2011 skincare experts realized that the modern and innovative technology used in cosmetics and dermatology in South Korea is the most advanced in the world. Korea has taken the lead as the new skincare superpower and K-Beauty is THE innovation driver within the cosmetics industry. Find out our innovated GEL MODELING MASK from DERMABELL.

Rubber modeling masks have been used as a technique in Korean Skin Management Centres & Spas for their quick and visible results. Traditionally, powder is mixed with water to coat the skin’s surface in a thick layer, which is then peeled off when dry to the touch. Dermabell’s Modeling Gel Masks have taken this concept a step further by using a gel + powder formula to enhance the experience of a typical rubber modelling mask.

The unique texture of our Luxury Aesthetic Modeling Gel Masks stay moist even when fully set, and seep into the natural crevices of the skin even more intricately than rubber modelling masks, ensuring that its rich nourishment is constantly distributed to every millimetre of skin.

Our Modeling Gel Masks have been designed to set in just the right amount of time; not too fast for a smooth and easy application, and not too slow to minimise dripping and slipping, allowing you to multi-task while pampering your skin.

Which skin type is these modeling mask good for?
✔ Dry
✔ Normal
✔ Combination
What it is:
A two-step face treatment that drives essential actives into the skin for an instantly dewy, healthy-looking complexion. Four different kinds for different skin concerns.

    Cherry Blossom:   Increases skin vitality, brightens tired and dull skin and improves overall complexion and skin tone with cherry blossom extract

   Gold:  Smoothes wrinkles, improves moisture and elasticity for achieving effective anti-aging luxuriously


          Rose:  Contains rose water, medlar extract and other ingredients to whiten and strengthen the skin barrier for soft and moisturised skin

  Seaweed:  Calms and rejuvenates oily and tired skin,making the skin healthier using seaweed extract, sea cucumber and green tea extract

If you want to know more…
Developed to deeply hydrate, cool, and visibly plump the skin, the DERMABELL Luxury Aesthe Modeling Mask is a professional-grade product from South Korea. The two-step gel and loose powder formula improves the appearance of fine lines and pores, revives dull, dry, and dehydrated skin, and smooths the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture for skin that looks firm, supple, and dewy. The system is designed to create an occlusive barrier, loaded with humectants to seal in hydration, while an algae and calcium complex draws heat to cool and calm the skin. Medical grade marine algae and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid work to instantly create the appearance of plumper skin and seal in moisture for lasting hydration.

These set contains:
Step 1 Modeling Gel: 1000 ml
Step 2 Magic Powder: 100 g

What else you need to know:
This product is cruelty-free and formulated without oil. Use this treatment post-workout or pre-party to visibly reduce redness and prime skin for easy makeup application, or before a flight to prevent dehydrated skin and after landing for visibly plumper skin.

Suggested Usage:

-This product is recommended for both post-procedure and daily care.
-Mix Modeling Gel with Magic Powder in a bowl.
-Spread the formula in a thick, even layer on clean, dry skin using a spatula.
-Starting from the jaw, quickly spread in upward strokes. (The thicker and more uniform the application, the easier it will be to remove in one piece.)
-Leave on 15 min for maximum hydration.
-To remove the mask, lift off and wipe away any excess with a damp cotton ball.
-Do not rinse.
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