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Medi Energy Infusion Eye Mask


Made with Energy Complex and Vitamins revitalizing and brightening EYECARE.

Excellent adherence and fresh cooling effect.

Apply on any area with wrinkles or fine lines! MULTICARE!

Complex of 36 revitalizing active ingredients VITAMIN ENERGY for skin around the eyes. No more dull and tired looking under-eye skin.


  • Vitality & energy for dull and tired skin
  • Elasticity care for sagging skin
  • Calming effect for sensitive skin
  • Immediate cooling  & soothing effect


WONJIN special care — 5 core ingredients

  1. Energy and Vitality with Peptide Complex – peptide complex system highly revitalizes skin and gives it energy, stimulates collagen synthesis and supplies nutrients, making skin healthy and full of energy.
  2. Stronger Protective Skin Barrier with Amino Acid Complex – combination of various amino acids strengthen skin barrier to reduce the loss of nutrients, making skin plump and elastic.
  3. pH Balance with Mineral Water – mineral-rich peat water, glacier water and deep sea water used as the base, help to maintain body pH balance, gives skin vitality and makes it elastic and lively.
  4. Skin relief with MultiEx Bsasm – MultiEx Bsasm with 7 natural plant extracts brings a relief to irritated, stressed skin and strengthen skin protective barrier.
  5. Moisture Boots on all skin layers with 7 hyaluronic acids – 7 hyaluronic acids with different molecule size effectively delivers moisture to all skin layers. Thanks to excellent water retention ability and quick absorption, immediately hydrates dry skin around the eyes.

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