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Premium Rose Modeling Gel Mask


Dermabell’s Luxury Aesthe Premium Modeling Gel Masks smoothly mold to the natural texture and contours of your face to thoroughly infuse every millimetre of skin with potent natural ingredients.

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What it does:
– Brightens dull complexions
– Soothes, nourishes and whitens
– Locks in moisture
Recommended for:
✔ Dehydrated/ Dry Skin
✔ Damaged/ Thin Skin Barrier

✔ Dull/ Pigmented Skin

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Each box contains:

5 x Step 1 Gel (50g), 5 x Step 2 Powder (5g), 5 x Mixing Trays, 1 x Spatula


In the gel mask form, a higher concentration of potent active ingredients can be better penetrated into the skin as compared to in sheet masks.
Each of our Premium Modeling Gel Masks are formulated with a blend of natural skin-restoring ingredients to achieve the maximum improvement in your skin.
  • Rose de Mai
    • Rich in Vitamins A, B & C and amino acids.
    • Has brightening, moisturising and purifying properties
  • Niacinamide
    • KFDA-approved.
    • Evens out skin tone, locks in moisture and promotes microcirculation
  • Mulberry Bark
    • Brightens the skin
    • Improve the appearance of fine lines
  • Wolfberry
    • Contains vitamins B and C to brighten skin tone
    • Prevents skin from drying out with Vitamin A
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