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Wonjin Effect Baby Glow Cream 45ml


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Daytime radiant recovery cream that brightens your skin from the inside. Baby Glow Cream made with the Skin Recovery Technology of WONJIN will let you experience a youthful and bright skin glowing from inside out.

Baby Glow Cream Wondeful Effects :

1. Improving Skin Luster Effect
2. Skin Complexion Care
3. Water Supplement
4. Presenting Glossy Skin
5. Skin Whitening Effect

Tips to effectively use Baby Glow Cream:
1.Naturally Glowing Skin without Make-up
Apply Baby Glow Cream after cleansing, it will power up the natural radiance of your skin, gives you a naturally glowing skin without make-up.

2.Glossy Make-up
Pre-applying Baby Glow Cream before make-up will prevent the certain colour sense of foundation to look heavy, then to present a softly glowing skin with glossy make-up.

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